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Museum in WW2 shelters of the Command and Communication Center (OKH)

Nazi staff officers, communication center personnel, entire interior restoration of every room of the shelter (over 600m2) makes us feel as if we were transported back in time. We are in one of the most important command centers of the Third Reich.

Most important orders for Wehrmacht armies passed through this place during WW2. For four years they tried to overcome the USSR. It is here, where conspiracy against Hitler started, when Nazis began to lose the war. It is the place, where the order to suppress the Warsaw Uprising was sent from. In addition visitors can walk along 30m underground tunnel connecting two shelters.

After the war, near the shelter, the Amber Chamber was searched for. Local residents accounts show that Erich Koch, ex-gauleiter of Eastern Prussia was driven from the prison in Barczewo to Mamerki, where he indicated the hiding place of the treasure. Polish sappers unsuccessfully tried to blow up the foundation of bunker 31 so as to get to the hiding place indicated by Koch. The treasure has never been found.

In our museum there is a replica of the Amber Chamber fragment.

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