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Exhibitions are in two large shelters (600m2) connected by an underground tunnel ( 30 m long), the passage is another attraction.

From the top of 36 meter- high tower visitors admire the view on Mamry Lake and the surroundings, it is the highest tower in the region.

In other two large shelters there are secret weapons of the Third Reich, where there are replicas of V2 rocket, planes and mysterious technical curiosities.

Admission fee: Adults 17 PLN, Children 12 PLN, Parking 5 PLN

Guides: Polish, German, English, French.

Open: MO-SU 9-20

Bartek Plebanczyk,
Mamerki, Miasto Brygidy ( Brygida Town)
Information: Tel. 698793104, mamerki.com, info@mamerki.com


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